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Saturday 2nd June



Pennies From Heaven

In celebration of our first year in the biz,
Duke of Uke
is hosting a spectacular…


Yes indeed you lucky ducks!! Another spellbinding night, to be held at
The Knights Templar on Chancery Lane!

Expect a wheel of fortune, showcasing an elixir of lucky stars, from bedevilling dance acts, to the intoxicating sounds of the sitar, banjo, clarinet, q-chord, and of course our beloved ukulele!
Plus a lucky dip of birthday surprises!!

All this under the roof of one magnificent Victorian listed building!!


Darren Hayman and Fancy Chance – ‘Our delectable host and hostess for the evening!’

She’koyokh – ‘The most cracking klezmer this side of Krakow! A fresh, passionate energy to Balkan, Greek and Turkish folk music as well as to an extensive repertoire of Ashkenazi Jewish melodies once played in the Shtetls of countries such as Poland, Romania and the Ukraine.’

The Wave Pictures – ‘Combine the song-writing genius of Jonathan Richman, the lo-fi humility of Herman Dune and a few guitar moments that Springsteen himself would be proud of, and you get close to the underexposed marvels on display here.’

The Crisps

Bishi – ‘Singer, Musician, And DJ, Bishi is well known as the DJ and 'face' of London's experimental and notorious nightclub 'Kash Point,' Bishi has collaborated on avant electro pop Patrick Wolf, Simon Bookish, Capitol K, Cursor Miner, Fidel Villeneuve and Riton.’

Mathew Sawyer & The Ghosts – ‘Hank Williams is at the Ronettes house putting up some shelves with Mo Tucker and gossiping about Johnathan Richman while Townes Van Zandt sings Raincoats covers.’

The Temporary Shelters – ‘Will delight children and idiots alike with a cascade of intoxicating symphonies.’

Mr John Barnes – ‘East-End charmer and triple-X songster.’

The Great Blondini – ‘Escape Artist Extroadinaire!’

Mr.Solo – ‘Formally of David Devant and his spirit wife.’

Benoit & Lili – ‘1920s, 30s and 40s popular music.’

... and much much more still to be announced!!

Be sure to COME IN YOUR LUCKIEST FROCKS!! Think… superstition, folklore, rituals, horse shoes, two crows, chimney sweeps, black cats, gamblers, witches, wizards, lucky devils, lucky stars, lucky sevens, pennies from heaven, dice, lady lucks, lucky lukes, lucky ducks, gladstone ganders, amulets, talismans, jewels, fortune tellers, lucky potions, lucky fellas, lord ludfords, wish bones, scarabs, 4 leaf clovers, spells, fairies, wishing wells, white heather, ladybirds, luck dragons, omens, six pence pieces,
and lucky dips!

TICKETS…. Tickets are £8 in advance and can be purchased at the Duke of Uke shop or Tatty Devine, Soho, or £10 on the door....

Duke of Uke
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The Knights Templar
95 Chancery Lane
London WC2A 1DT

info@dukeofuke.co.uk for more info…. and we will see you there! xx



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