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Antonio Carvalho GT CW Traditional Deluxe Guitarlele

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Back & Sides:
Solid Koa Wood
Traditional Rope Style Binding
African Blackwood
19 Frets, African Blackwood
Nut & Saddle:
Scale Length:
Solid Top Y/N:
Solid Koa Wood
Open Geared Tuners, Antique White Pearloid Buttons
Antonio Carvalho GT CW Traditional Deluxe Guitarlele
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Antonio Carvalho GT CW Traditional Deluxe Guitarlele

Antonio Carvalho GT CW Traditional Deluxe Guitarlele.

Antonio Carvalho also known as APC ukuleles are made in Portugal, the birthplace of the ukulele's ancestor the Braguinha. Along with an impressive range of other Portuguese instruments like the ukulele's relatives, the steel strung Braguinha and the Cavaquinho, Antonio Carvalho produce quality instruments that have a sense of tradition.

Antonio Carvalho GT CW Traditional Deluxe Guitarlele is made from all solid Portuguese Koa, and the figuration of some of the woods used is often stunningly beautiful. With a very handmade and organic quality, every instrument has its own individual personality which is pretty much unheard of in this price range. It's a solid Koa Guitarlele that feels and plays like a high-end hand-crafted instrument. 

The Guitarlele, or 'k��k��' is seldom offered model by many ukulele brands, but are becoming increasingly popular. An ideal choice for guitarists looking for a travel guitar and ukulele players looking to explore the world of six strings. Tuned ADGCEA, the Guitarlele shares the same intervals of notes as the guitar, but is higher pitched. Borrowing it's top four strings tuning from the Ukulele (tuned with a low G), the Guitarlele's pitch is essentially the same as a regular tuned EADGBE guitar with a capo on the 5th fret. Guitarlele can be considered a close relation to the Requinto Carranguero from Colombia, and the Guitarrico Aragonés from Spain, which share it's ADGCEA tuning. 

This Guitarlele has a beautifully figured book-matched solid Koa top, back & sides, a decorative sound hole rosette and traditional rope binding, African Blackwood fingerboard & bridge, 19 frets and classical style slotted headstock with open-geared machine heads. An elegantly shaped cutaway allows upper fret access. Strung with traditional classical nylon strings for a flamenco style sound, in a ukulele size! Complete with APC branded pickup and EQ section for plugging in, this Guitarlele is a perfect, travel friendly addition to any serious musician's' array of gigging instruments. APC's pickup is warm and balanced with plenty of hi-fi clarity that is equally suitable for use in a professional gigging or recording environment and any enthusiasts home studio.

A fantastic example of the build quality of the the APC range, the GT CW Guitarlele is true to form as an excellently designed, world music influenced instrument. If you're looking for a special Guitarlele with a unique character and tone, then the Antonio Carvalho Traditional Deluxe model definitely ticks all boxes.

The bottom line: Antonio Carvalho make beautiful looking instruments with an earthy, warm tone comparable to instruments twice the price and more!