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Aquila 110U Lava Soprano Ukulele Strings

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Aquila 110U Lava Soprano Ukulele Strings
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Aquila 110U Lava Soprano Ukulele Strings

Aquila 110U Lava Soprano Ukulele Strings. Lava grey colour set of Aquila's industry standard Super Nylgut ukulele strings in GCEA regular High G tuning. Grey nylgut with a warm sound, a cool looking alternative to Super Nylgut strings.

Aquila are the best known and one of the top manufacturers of ukulele strings. All sets of Aquila Lava strings provide a warm, clear and ringing tone. Easy to the fingers and guaranteed to give any ukulele a tonal 'lift'. Aquila Lava Ukulele strings are Aquila's latest brand based on Super Nylgut in a grey-black colouring specially designed to settle in quickly and give maximum ease of tuning.

For ukulele in regular GCEA (High G) tuning.