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Aquila 150U Sugar Soprano Ukulele Strings

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Aquila 150U Sugar Soprano Ukulele Strings
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Aquila 150U Sugar Soprano Ukulele Strings

Aquila 150U Sugar Soprano Ukulele Strings. Aquila's answer to fluorocarbon ukulele strings in GCEA regular High G tuning. A specially developed transparent material derived from sugar cane with a bright, clear sound.

Aquila are the best known and one of the top manufacturers of ukulele strings. Crystal clear in appearance and crystal clear in sound, Aquila Sugar Ukulele Strings have been specially developed from a material derived from sugar cane. Combining the best of both nylon and fluorocarbon strings, Aquila Sugar Ukulele Strings provide sweet sustain and clarity, with superior projection.

For ukulele in regular GCEA (High G) tuning.