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Bohemian TNT Electric Soprano Ukulele

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Bohemian TNT Electric Soprano Ukulele
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Bohemian TNT Soprano Ukulele

Bohemian TNT Electric Soprano Ukulele. Bohemian Oil Can Electric Ukulele in Honey finish.

Electric ukuleles are fun, but if you want something wilder, something stranger, something that rocks; meet the utterly unique Oil Can Ukulele, from Bohemian. For a ukulele that stands out from the crowd, look no further!

These characterful ukuleles sound as great as they look! Each Bohemian Oil Can Electric Ukulele comes with a unique retro print design inspired by classic automobile industry graphics and vintage Americana. Oil can guitars have become central to the sound of many street bands in Johannesburg, nothing else sounds quite like these resourceful and innovative instruments. Get the sound of South Africa in a Ukulele sized package!

No backyard bodge, the internal wooden structure of this top-class ukulele gives it exceptional balance and weight distribution. As you can imagine, the sound is harmonically rich and resonant, with an airy (and characteristically metallic) tone. Comes with chrome die-cast open geared tuners, a 19-fret rosewood fingerboard, and an easily removable backplate for tooling around inside the body of the instrument.

Bohemian Oil Can Electric Ukuleles are made from sustainably sourced materials, so they are kind to the planet and your ears too. The metal body gives these ukuleles a uniquely distinctive tone, with pleasantly breezy mid tones and a slight twang in the top end. Sure to cut through the mix in an ensemble or lend a characterful, chiming signature sound to solo performing.

Cool looking and comfortable to play, the body shape might seem unnatural at first, but the internal construction makes for a superbly balanced feeling instrument and the small body is easy to hold with easy access to the upper frets. Even unplugged these are fun to play, with a relaxing soft metallic tone. These oil can ukuleles come with steel strings too, giving that classic, versatile electric sound, making using effects or traditional guitar amps a breeze.

The Bohemian Oil Can Electric Ukulele really comes alive when plugged in. Each instrument comes with a simple specially designed 4 pole Fender style single coil pickup for a bright shimmering sound, enhanced by the metallic overtones of the oil can body. A volume and tone control gives an array of tonal options form warm to biting attack. A fully adjustable hardtail bridge ensures these Ukuleles can be set up to your own taste and playing style so fine tuning intonation is not a problem!

Surely not only one of the most interesting, but also one of the most reasonably priced electric solid body ukuleles on the market. If you're thinking of doing a Dylan and going electric, the Bohemian Oil Can Electric Ukulele fits the bill on style and pocket friendly price point. Why not pair one of these with a Danelectro Honeytone amp, for the ultimate lofi transistor radio sound or the Kala Tweed Mini Amp ukulele amplifier for shimmering cleans, chime and sparkle!

fun entry into the world of Electric Uke or as an additional secret weapon for the more advanced player, there is a lot to love here!

  • Body: Oil Can
  • Bridge: Hard-Tail Topload Bridge
  • Colour: Brown
  • Controls: Tone, Volume
  • Fretboard: 19 Frets, Maple
  • Neck: Maple
  • Pickup: Single Coil 4 Pole Pickup
  • Scale Length: 340mm
  • Strings: Nickel Wound Steel Strings
  • Top: Oil Can
  • Tuners: Chrome Buttons, Closed Metal Tuners