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Ukulele Song Books

  • Black Sabbath For Ukulele
  • George Formby Songbook
  • Jumpin Jims Ukulele Island
  • Jumpin Jims Ukulele Masters John King-The Classical Ukulele
  • Michael Jackson for Ukulele
  • The Ukulele Playlist Shows
  • The Very Best of Prince for Ukulele
  • Adele for Ukulele

    Adele for Ukulele

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  • Bluegrass Ukulele by Fred Sokolow
  • Hank Williams For Ukulele
  • Irish Folk Tunes For Ukulele
  • Jimi Hendrix Experience Smash Hits Ukulele
  • Jumpin Jims Beach Party
  • Jumpin Jims Blues Ukulele by Fred Sokolow
  • Jumpin Jims Ukulele Masters Herb Ohta
  • Neil Diamond For Ukulele
  • Taylor Swift for Ukulele
  • The Beach Boys For Ukulele