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Danelectro Billionaire 'Big Spender' Spinning Speaker Pedal

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Volume, Treble, Speed, Ramp
1/4 Jack
1/4 Jack
Danelectro Billionaire 'Big Spender' Spinning Speaker Pedal

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Danelectro Billionaire 'Big Spender' Spinning Speaker Pedal

Danelectro Billionaire 'Big Spender' Spinning Speaker Pedal.  The classic rotary cabinet sound as popularised by Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and countless others has been a big challenge for years to replicate in a portable, take anywhere pedal form. 

Danelectro Billionaire 'Big Spender' Spinning Speaker Pedal nails the classic tones of the 60's and 70's in a compact, affordable pedal. Perfect for recreating those retro sounds but also for inventing your own voice using effects, the rotating speaker sound is always a winner if you like experimenting with effects.

The sound is rich and sparkling and a perfect match for the other Danelectro effects in the 'Billionaire' range. Controls include a ramp switch lets you initiate speed up/down, giving glorious, swirling, mesmerising effects!

Great with keyboard instruments (of course!) electric guitar or any acoustic instrument with a pickup, including ukulele, this would also be a recommended addition for anyone looking to expand their sound.

Die-cast steel construction and featuring high gloss classic car finishes, the new superb range of Billionaire Pedals from Danelectro USA not only look the business, but also deliver tons of vintage tone in spades. 

Danelectro Billionaire pedals are true bypass, and able to be powered via 9 Volt battery or power supply unit.