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Hohner Double Puck Harmonica

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Hohner Double Puck Harmonica
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Hohner Double Puck Harmonica

Hohner Double Puck Harmonica. Named after the mischievous sprite from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream", this petite diatonic harmonica has stainless steel covers and a plastic comb.

On the double sided puck the two conjoined 10-hole diatonics are in the popular key combination of C and G and offer full bodied tone. This model also features genuine gold-plated covers and a plastic body, with a total of 40 reeds.

These are the smallest 10-hole Richter harmonicas in the world. Their covers are slotted into conically cut grooves on the edges of the reed plates and remain in place through their own tension - a unique design feature. The Double Puck is the smallest double-sided Wender harmonica ever made.

  • Materials: Brass