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IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Stage Ukulele & Guitar Microphone Pickup

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1/8 Mini Jack
iRig Acoustic Stage pre-amplifier
IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Stage Ukulele & Guitar Microphone Pickup
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IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Stage Ukulele & Guitar Microphone Pickup

IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Stage Ukulele & Guitar Microphone Pickup. is a Digital Microphone Pickup System for amplifying ukulele and acoustic guitar. Acoustic players Now there s finally an affordable, stage ready pickup system with professional sound made just for you!

Following the success of the iRig Acoustic, the iRig Acoustic Stage is the next generation in acoustic amplification. A simple, no fuss way of getting into home recording and a one of a kind, flexible option for live performances.

The iRig Acoustic Stage uses the same high quality MEMS microphone/pickup as the Non Stage regular model. The Stage version adds an acoustic preamp for use into an amplifier or mixer. Portable and easy to use on stage, the iRig Acoustic Stage adds advanced functions for calibrating the sound. It can also enhance the sound of an instrument already fitted with a pickup.


How to use

iRig Acoustic Stage is easy to fit to your ukulele or guitar with no modification required. The MEMS microphone pickup is plectrum shaped and slides neatly over edge of the sound hole. Plug into the acoustic preamp and the signal can go out into any amplifier, mixer or DI box.


How it works

Using the iRig Acoustic Stage MEMS pickup is like using a microphone on your instrument in a studio setting. The acoustic preamp is designed to replicate as accurately as possible the true acoustic sound of your instrument. That means you can use the iRig Acoustic Stage on both steel and nylon strung instruments. Featuring 6 EQ presets optimized for steel or nylon, in Warm, Bright or Natural settings.


Customise to your playing style

The iRig Acoustic Stage preamp sounds great from the get-go using the factory presets. For the best sound, you can even tailor the response of the preamp to your playing. The iRig Acoustic Stage is capable of analysing the output signal and can even calibrate settings best suited to your instrument!


What about Feedback?

Amplifying acoustic instruments using microphones or sound hole pickups can be problematic. Smaller instruments, like ukulele can be prone to feedback without an undersaddle pickup. iRig Acoustic Stage combats this with a simple to use Cancel Feedback button. And it works! The Cancel Feedback button stops offending squeals from your instrument at the touch of a button. Neat!


Enhancing the sound of your Electro Acoustic

iRig Acoustic Stage is also great for enhancing the sound from instruments already fitted with a pickup. An AUX input allows you to plug in your electro-acoustic, and create a blend of the two sounds. The MIX control lets you adjust the balance between the two to suit your taste. Create your own mix of both signals! Great for combining the attack of your undersaddle pickup with the acoustic response of the iRig the best of both worlds!


Use as a Digital Interface for Studio Recording

iRig Acoustic Stage features a USB audio output, making it perfect for direct connection to a computer or a mobile device. Great for plug-and-play recording in any compatible recording app. Capture the sound of your instrument the studio with the added benefit of being able to move around and really get into your performance!


Portable High Quality Plug and Play Amplification for your Ukulele

fantastic solution for anyone wanting to amplify their ukulele in a live setting without using extra software or making modifications to the instrument. Well worth considering, especially if you have more than one ukulele in your collection and want to gig with all of them! A great addition for any performer or home recordist looking for a flexible, easy way to record or amplify their acoustic instrument.



Advanced MEMS microphone clips on to sound hole

Preamp/DSP unit

Dramatically improves your live acoustic sound

1/4" AUX input with volume for piezo, magnetic pickups or other onboard electronics

1/4" Output with level control for amplifier or PA system

USB audio out for recording on a computer or mobile device

Cancel Feedback with multiple frequency feedback cancelling

tone presets

Personal instrument calibration

Works on any acoustic, acoustic electric or ukulele with round sound hole

Phase switch for optimizing dual source sound