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Kala KA-RES-BRS Tenor Resonator Ukulele

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Kala KA-RES-BRS Tenor Resonator Ukulele
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Kala KA-RES-BRS Tenor Resonator Ukulele

Kala KA-RES-BRS Tenor Resonator Ukulele.Kala Tenor Resonator Ukulele with antique brass hardware. Arguably the best affordable Resonator Ukulele around! This is Kala's second attempt at designing a resonator and they've cracked it. Finally, an affordable resonator that ticks all boxes and then some!

For those wondering what exactly a resonator is and why you'd want one? It's a means of amplifying the sound of an acoustic guitar or ukulele where the sound is produced by a spun metal cone instead of the wooden soundboard (top) of the instrument. It was developed before the advent of electronics, so that stringed instruments could be heard alongside louder ensemble instruments like horns and percussion. Now that we have electronic amplification it's really their unique sound and tonal quality that holds their allure.

An affordable, good quality Resonator Ukulele has long been regarded as something of a Holy Grail among Ukulele players. Good quality resonator ukuleles tend to be on the pricey side and until this particular instrument, it seemed that only expensive, high-end, instruments would ever meet the necessary quality level. With the KA-RES-BRS Tenor Resonator it seems that Kala have well and truly cracked this tough nut!

Themselves dissatisfied with their earlier models, Kala have totally re-designed and re-launched for 2014. Their persistence has, indeed, been rewarded as will you be if you play one of these. Beautifully constructed with the requisite vintage style look, the projection on this model is wonderful. Loud but with volume that holds true tonal balance and note distinction (vital to any Resonator instrument).

The 2014 Kala Resonator Ukulele features a lightweight aluminium Resonator cone crafted into a figured Mahogany body producing a totally distinctive voice and appearance. Not just a Ukulele but a remarkable achievement!

An absolute favourite!

(Also available with chrome hardware)