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Kala KA-UBASS-EBY-FSRW Round Wound Ebony U-Bass

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Kala KA-UBASS-EBY-FSRW Round Wound Ebony U-Bass
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Kala KA-UBASS-EBY-FSRW Round Wound Ebony U-Bass

Kala KA-UBASS-EBY-FSRW Round Wound Ebony U-Bass.

Electro-Acoustic Ukulele Bass in ebony with Round Wound strings. Includes a deluxe, custom U-Bass gigbag. The UBass range by Kala is the original ukulele bass.

The Kala KA-UBASS-EBY-FSRW U-Bass, with ebony mahogany top, back and sides, produces a warm, round bass tone that works well acoustically, a fitting addition to any ukulele ensemble. Unmistakable features of exotic mahogany are the wood grain patterns that vary from flamed to figured and spotted to straight grain, framed by elegant black binding. The Kala KA-UBASS-EM-FS carries all the characteristic warmth associated with ebony, with the addition of the long awaited Kala Round Wound U-Bass scale length strings lending a more traditional Electric Bass feel and sound.

The Kala U-Bass is truly a ground-breaking, 20" short scale, ukulele styled bass. The U-Bass produces the same pitches as a standard bass instrument and is tuned in traditional bass tuning; E-A-D-G. Available in fretted and fretless, 4 and 5 strings, acoustic-electric, left-handed and solid body models.

An increasingly popular alternative to bass guitar, and now available in a left-handed version, the U-Bass is the perfect solution for the acoustic or electric bass guitarist on the move. Not only is the U-Bass airline carry-on and travel friendly it is also becoming celebrated as a diverse and unique instrument in it's own right.

The sound of the U-Bass owes much to the inventive use string materials and design. Plugged in, the Kala U-Bass really comes into it's own, being a perfect compliment for other stringed instruments and drums in a live band situation. The U-Bass includes Kala electronics with active EQ and built in tuner for amplified playing.

Kala have produced a unique and deservedly praised alternative to the full sized bass guitar. The U-Bass fails to disappoint in this regard and is an absolutely essential travel bass fit for home, studio, stage and on the road.