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Kanile'a Islander A-ST-4 'Super' Acacia Tenor Ukulele

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Kanile'a Islander A-ST-4 'Super' Acacia Tenor Ukulele
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Kanile'a Islander A-ST-4 'Super' Acacia Tenor Ukulele

Kanile'a Islander A-ST-4 'Super' Acacia Tenor Ukulele. Developed by the world renowned high-end ukulele brand, Kanile'a, the Islander range showcases a series of more affordable, Hawaiian designed instruments. Available in a selection of the classic ukulele tonewoods, Islander ukuleles are a real pleasure to play, with a sound quality that benefits from the more advanced Kanile'a designs.

Inspired by players who are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, the Islander 'Super' series combines features from different ukulele sizes for a more bespoke playing experience.

Kanile'a Islander A-ST-4 'Super' Acacia Tenor Ukulele pairs the longer scale length neck of a Tenor Ukulele, with a much larger, more resonant body size. This big bodied Tenor has all the familiar playability of a Hawaiian built Tenor, with improved projection, resonance, and sustain from the larger Baritone style body. Super in every sense, it's impressive sound along with more unusual features make this ukulele super fun to play and explore. Acacia wood, Koa's close cousin, shares some of its most desirable characteristics. This traditional ukulele tonewood has gorgeous striped patterns of light and dark brown and a colourful tone to match its visual beauty. Acacia is warm and rich, with an enhanced clarity of sound, with both bite and smooth sustain, perfect for that 'island sound' and sure to put a smile on your face!

Tastefully presented in a super sleek satin finish, the Islander A-ST-4 Ukulele design is attractively complimented with stylish traditional oval shaped tuning buttons, black binding and Kanile'a's signature contoured walnut bridge with robust ABS black bridge pins.

To accommodate a range of contemporary playing styles, and for enhanced comfort across the fretboard, Islander Ukuleles feature a wider than usual fretboard. The 38mm nut width is a request common for people with larger hands, making trickier chord shapes much easier to play, a feature that can benefit both experienced and beginner players finding their way on the instrument. Additionally, wider string spacing at the bridge is ideal for developing good fingerstyle playing, allowing for more relaxed fingerpicking and melody playing.

A remarkable achievement by a high end brand, Kanile'a have given their magic touch to the Islander range, retaining many of their signature design features to create a highly desirable ukulele. For adventurous players looking for something a little different, the Kanile'a Islander A-ST-4 'Super' Acacia Tenor Ukulele comes highly recommended!