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Planet Waves Aloha Ukulele Strap

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Planet Waves Aloha Ukulele Strap
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Planet Waves Aloha Ukulele Strap

Planet Waves Aloha Ukulele Strap.Planet Waves Ukulele Strap Aloha Deluxe design patterned ukulele strap from DAddario. Home-ready, Beach-ready, Stage-ready! Provides maximum comfort for any standing ukulele situation.

Unique Aloha-flower design in blue white and black with strong and secure leather ends. Strap width 1.5 inches. Free up that right arm and rock out on your uke! Also suitable for children's guitars where the needed strap length is shorter than a regular guitar strap.

Designed for players of all genres, DAddario woven straps offer designs that will please even the most discerning player. From iconic themes to unique patterns and artwork, these durable straps are sure to accent any ukulele.

This ukulele strap requires a ukulele with a pre-installed strap button to fit.