Electric Ukulele

Going electric! If you’re thinking about playing live or having some fun with the world of FX pedals, you’ll need to go electric. Electro-Acoustic ukuleles (or ‘Plugins’ as their often referred to) are the most common form of electric uke. Or if you want to go the whole hog, there are some seriously awesome solid-bodied steel-strung electrics to choose from. Of these, we can thoroughly recommend the Risa models!

Electro-acoustics or ‘Plugins’ are basically regular acoustic ukuleles that have a pickup built in. The pickup allows you to plug your ukulele into an amplifier or through an FX pedal, and make lots of noise! Alternatively, if you can’t find a plugin here that suits you, we can fit a pickup into any ukulele of your choice for an extra £85. Or if you just want to test the water, why not try a surface mounted pickup like The Cap which you’ll find in Accessories.

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