Solid Koa Deluxe
Soprano Ukulele

Antonio Carvalho Soprano Deluxe Ukulele

Beautifully hand-crafted in Portugal from highly figured solid Koa woods, Antonio Carvalho instruments are each unique and full of character. One of our favourite brands here at the Duke of Uke!


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Antonio Carvalho Soprano Deluxe Ukulele

Antonio Carvalho Soprano Deluxe Ukulele. Antonio Carvalho also known as APC ukuleles are made in Portugal, the birthplace of the ukulele’s ancestor the Braguinha. Along with an impressive range of other Portuguese instruments like the ukulele’s relatives, the steel strung Braguinha and the Cavaquinho, Antonio Carvalho produce quality instruments that have a sense of tradition about them.

They are made from Portuguese Koa, and the figuration of some of the woods used is often stunningly beautiful. With a very handmade and organic quality, every instrument has its own individual personality which is pretty much unheard of in this price range.

The Deluxe Soprano Ukulele has a notably richer sound than the standard model and features a beautifully figured and book-matched Solid Koa Top, Back & Sides with a satin finish. Decorative Maple Binding & Soundhole Rosette, African Blackwood Fingerboard & Bridge, 16 Frets, Open-Geared Machine Heads and comes complete with Aquila Nylgut Strings.

The bottom line: Antonio Carvalho ukuleles are beautiful looking instruments with an earthy, warm tone comparable to instruments twice the price and more!

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Product Type

Soprano Ukulele


Solid Koa Wood

Back & Sides

Solid Koa Wood




Decorative Maple Binding




16 Frets, African Blackwood


African Blackwood


Open Geared Tuners, "Antique White" Pearloid Buttons


1 review for Antonio Carvalho Soprano Deluxe Ukulele

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This ukulele is a thing of beauty, and it plays pretty well too! My second uke purchase from the Duke of Uke, and a bit of shot in the dark, as although I had tried one of these a year ago in the shop when I bought my first Pono concert, I ended up buying this one online, so hadn’t had chance to see how this one felt. This was something of a pre-Christmas treat, and I am very happy with it!

    It is a real looker of a ukulele, with a depth and lustre of the Koa wood that I would not have expected from something in this price category. It is light to hold and a lovely shape, and the only area where I’d say the finish isn’t perfect is just a slight roughness in the shaping of the neck as it merges into the headstock. However, this is at most a really minor criticism of what is otherwise a beautiful instrument.

    On playing, this ukulele has a lovely clear tone, sounding just as a classic ukulele should, thanks to the all koa construction of the body and neck, and despite obviously being much smaller than that of my Pono, the body is able to generate a good strong sound from picking and strumming. The blackwood fretboard is nicely finished, with good rounding of the edges of the frets themselves. The action is very nice indeed, with the strings low to the fretboard but no evidence of buzzing or any unexpected sounds.

    All in all, a really lovely ukulele: very different from my Pono, but just as delightful to play and own…

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