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Risa TE Seafoam Green Telecaster Electric Tenor Ukulele

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19 Frets, Maple
Scale Length:
Nickel wound steel
Seafoam Green
Risa handwound pickups
Risa TE Seafoam Green Telecaster Electric Tenor Ukulele
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Risa TE Seafoam Green Electric Tenor Ukulele

Risa TE Seafoam Green Electric Tenor Ukulele. Risa make some of the best Solid Body Electric Ukuleles around and the Risa TE is no exception.

A scaled down faithful ukulele recreation of the Tele, the Risa TE features a single coil pickup in the neck and humbucker in the bridge. Traditional volume and tone controls on the Tele style chrome plate add to the possibilities of shaping your sound between chiming lead tones, jazzy rhythm and growling, crunchy riffs - it's all here.

Risa TE Electric ukuleles come in the classic 50s colours familiar to many, with Black, White and Seafoam finishes available in high shine gloss. For the Springsteen and Stones fans, the Butterscotch finish is of course the only way you'll truly be able to emulate your classic rock heroes!

These electric ukuleles are a joy to play, the smooth satin finish maple neck is comfortable enough to allowing for intricate picking and fast lead runs with ease.

As fun to play as it's famous guitar counterpart, there is no match for Risa in electric ukulele, these steel stringed wonders really are are the real deal.