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Shubb Special Partial Capo

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Shubb Special Partial Capo
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Shubb Special Partial Capo

Shubb Special Partial Capo. Shubb Capos are high quality and specially designed to reduce tuning problems. A partial capo the capo to clearly skip the outside string without buzzing, while covering the next three. Useful for experimenting with alternate tunings and variations on standard tuning.

DADGAD is a popular alternate tuning for experimental players, this capo allows partial covering of three strings in standard tuning for EBEABE, which is the same string relationship but a whole tone higher. Using a partial capo allows playing in EBEABE using open chord shapes, yet barre chords shapes and scales in other positions on the instrument will remain the same as with a standard tuned guitar. Pretty neat, try it yourself and get experimenting!