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Snail SR-04CE Solid Acacia Koa Concert Ukulele

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Snail SR-04CE Solid Acacia Koa Concert Ukulele
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This item is now sold out in the UK as we are experiencing a high demand due to the Coronavirus lockdown. Please see related products below or use our LIVE CHAT service and one of our team will be happy to recommend a suitable alternative.

Snail SR-04CE Solid Acacia Koa Concert Ukulele

Snail SR-04CE Solid Acacia Koa Concert Ukulele. A relatively recent brand, Snail Ukuleles have proved a more than welcome addition to the great Ukulele roster and have found high favour among the staff here at the Duke of Uke. 

This top of the line all Solid Acacia Koa Concert Ukulele has a chamfered edge which make holding the instrument whilst strumming more comfortable and unique scalloped cutaway, perfect for reaching those upper frets.

The attractive Solid Acacia on this model is beautifully figured, with elements of light flame, and the highly decorative abalone binding really shines. One of the most lavish looking ukuleles available! Acacia wood, similar in appearance and sound to the more traditional Hawaiian Koa, gives a warmth similar to Mahogany, but with a brighter attack and overall a more detailed sound.

Beautifully constructed, with just a slightly wider than usual neck width (affording extra fretting hand comfort), Snail Ukuleles feature a selection of handsome wood grains, giving each instrument an individual look, and a uniquely warm, expressive tonality throughout their entire range.