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Baritone Ukulele

Baritone ukulele is the largest instrument in the ukulele family, and popularised by many folk and anti-folk musicians. The Baritone Ukulele measures around 30″ inches (76.2cm). Tuned DGBE and with a low 4th string, it shares its tuning with the top 4 strings on a guitar. 

This may seem like a huge leap for many ukulele players, however because the intervals between the strings are exactly the same, most players quickly adapt to the Baritone ukulele.

This means that all of your chord shapes remain the same, and if you were to use the same shapes as you’ve learnt in GCEA on a Baritone, you’d simply be playing in a different key. Chord shapes for the key of C in GCEA, are in the Key of G on a Baritone. It’s like extending the neck of your ukulele by 4 frets to add a lower B, A and G to your 3rd string. Once you’ve accepted this, the Baritone can give you immediate access to a completely different tonal range and sound!

For anyone looking toward progressing to the guitar, the Baritone ukulele makes a great stepping stone. But really, the Baritone ukulele is a wonderfully deep, and soulful instrument in its own right, that truly deserves some better press and a bit more of the limelight!

  • Kala

    Kala KA-ZCT-B Ziricote Baritone Ukulele

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    Cordoba 24C Solid Cedar Top Concert Ukulele

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    Kala KA-MBG Curly Mango Baritone Ukulele

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    Pono AB Solid Acacia Baritone Ukulele

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