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Bass Ukulele

Bass ukulele, or 'U-Bass' as Kala named the instrument they pioneered, is the 21st century's exciting new addition to the ukulele family. Released in 2010, the U-Bass has since become popular with ukulele players wanting to take the plunge into the 'bottom-end' and Bassists looking for a more portable instrument for rehearsals and gigging.

The popularity and interest of U-Bass has given rise to many other types of Bass Ukulele, including fretted and fretless, 5 string models, Electro-Acoustic and solid body. Essentially a scaled down miniature bass guitar, Bass ukulele shares the same E-A-D-G tuning and same deep resonant tones for playing punchy basslines, and irresistible low down rhythm.

Using polyurethane strings specially developed to achieve bass tones in a small 21-inch scale length instrument, Bass ukulele sounds remarkably close to a Double Bass for it's size. Plugged into an amplifier they can sound truly earth shaking!

Considered a novelty instrument on release, Bass ukulele is now regarded as a serious professional instrument. Adaptable to any musical situation, it has become a more than worthy substitute for Bass guitar or Double Bass, and a wonderful addition to any ukulele ensemble. 

  • Kala UBASS-RMBL-FS Rumbler Mahogany U-Bass


    Kala UBASS-RMBL-FS Rumbler Mahogany U-Bass

    £445.99 £377.99
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  • Laka VUB60EA Mahogany Fretless Bass Ukulele
  • Laka VUB90EA Acacia Koa Fretless Bass Ukulele
  • Antonio Carvalho UKU BASS S Bass Ukulele

    Antonio Carvalho

    Antonio Carvalho UKU BASS S Bass Ukulele

    £399.99 £309.99