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Concert Ukulele

Developed in the 1920s, the Concert ukulele was designed to be slightly larger with a louder, deeper and more melodic tone, more fitting for concert playing. Although sizes vary, it usually measures about 23″ inches (58.4cm) in length, and is commonly tuned to GCEA like the Soprano and Tenor sizes.

In recent years Concert ukuleles have gained in popularity for their rounder and more melodic overall tone, and its size which many people find a little more comfortable than the smaller Soprano size. The larger body makes it louder and gives it more projection and the longer scale-length means the strings are held slightly tauter and therefore the notes carry for longer.

With its extra comfort and mellower tone the Concert ukulele is often the first choice for beginners.

  • Pono ACD Deluxe Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele
  • Snail SUC-M2 Mahogany Electro Acoustic Concert Ukulele
  • Kala KA-SPRK-AQUA Rhapsody In Blue Sparkle Concert Ukulele
  • Kanile'a Islander AC-4-EQ 'Kini' Acacia Electro Concert Ukulele
  • Kiwaya KTC-2 Solid Mahogany Concert Ukulele
  • Laka VUC90EA Solid Koa Top Electro Acoustic Concert Ukulele
  • Pono AC Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele
  • Pono MC Solid Mahogany Concert Ukulele
  • Pono MGC Solid Mango Concert Ukulele
  • Pono MGCD Deluxe Solid Mango Concert Ukulele
  • Snail S20C Solid Flamed Acacia Concert Ukulele
  • Snail SR-04CE Solid Acacia Koa Concert Ukulele
  • Antonio Carvalho LG C MT Luthier Gold Spruce Concert Ukulele
  • Enya EUC-M6 Blue Solid Mahogany Gloss Concert Ukulele
  • Enya EUC-MAD Black Solid Mahogany Gloss Concert Ukulele
  • Enya EUC-X2K Solid Koa Top Gloss Concert Ukulele
  • Enya Nova U Orange Carbon Fibre Concert Ukulele
  • Kala KA-MG-C Spalted Mango Concert Ukulele


    Kala KA-MG-C Spalted Mango Concert Ukulele

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