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Soprano Ukulele

The Soprano ukulele is largely considered to be the most iconic and ‘classic’ of all the ukulele sizes. Measuring 21″ inches (53.3cm) in length it’s the smallest of the three main sizes and makes the perfect travel companion!

It shares the same common GCEA tuning as the larger Concert and Tenor sizes, but with a shorter scale length and smaller body it has an altogether different tone of voice. Generally speaking, the Concert and Tenor are more melodically pleasing and offer greater length of note, but the Soprano offers that undeniably sweet percussive sound of yesteryear that so many people have fallen in love with!
Most starter ukuleles will be Sopranos, but it’s worth mentioning that for larger hands and broader shoulders, if you want to get started on a comfortable instrument that’s easier to play, we recommend looking towards the Concert or Tenor sizes.
It’s most common for a Soprano ukulele to have 12 frets and meet the body of the instrument at the 12th fret. However some have extended fretboards to allow you to reach those higher notes. In recent years the long-neck soprano has been introduced, which is a fantastic sounding hybrid that offers the tonal qualities of the Soprano ukulele but with the range and sustain of the Concert scale!
Please note: Due to the limitations of web photography, the pictures you see here are not necessarily to scale. For example the long-neck soprano has the same size body as the regular soprano, but looks smaller here because of the picture size.