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Xvive Mike Acoustic EQ Pedal

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9 EQ Presets
1/4 Jack
1/4 Jack
Xvive Mike Acoustic EQ Pedal

Xvive Mike Acoustic EQ Pedal

Xvive Mike Acoustic EQ Pedal. Take virtually any acoustic signal and improve the sound instantly. One of those magic little boxes to add extra sparkle to your sound! If you've ever been impressed with the tone and sound of an artist you admire, or even someone you've stumbled across at an open mic night - it's likely they'll be using a clever box like this. 

A miked up acoustic instrument sure sounds good, but issues with feedback can be problematic. A D.I electro acoustic with pickup can sound great, but be lacking in the extra life using a close mic will give you.

Xvive Mike Acoustic EQ Pedal is just the ticket - an enhancement of tone for your amplified sound that you can 'feel' as well as hear.
Easy to use with a selection of 9 EQ curves engineered to help acoustic guitars sound like they are being miked by a high quality ribbon microphone and preamp.

Using Spectral Reassignment Technology to faithfully reproduced the ‘spatial’ or ‘room' sound of a number of classic and benchmark electro acoustic guitar tones, with the Xvive Mike you will get you more natural acoustic sound.

Perfect for acoustic guitar, and any acoustic instruments with a pickup, including ukulele and U-Bass! Not only does Mike improve direct out of acoustics, but it makes electric and bass guitars much more pleasant as well.

Ideal for home practise, live or studio use the 9 presets with Rotary control is an affordable way to add some natural sparkle and presence to your acoustic sound.