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Xvive XD3 Duet Looper Pedal

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Level, Undo/Redo, Verse/Chorus
1/4 Jack
1/4 Jack, USB Port
Xvive XD3 Duet Looper Pedal
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Xvive XD3 Duet Looper Pedal

Xvive Duet Looper Pedal. A revolutionary effect of allowing both recording��������� and playback of two loops! An upgraded idea recent developments in looping technology, if you're looking for an affordable solution to recording and playing back your instrument, for performance on stage or simply learning at home, the Xvive Duet Looper is the perfect addition to your electric or electro-acoustic rig.

If you've been inspired by Ed Sheeran or KT Tunstall and the way they incorporate looping into their live performances to create accompanying parts, the Xvive Duet Looper is a great introduction to this exciting and rewarding performance technique.

The ideas don't stop there either, if you're open to experimentation you can achieve great results with the Xvive Duet Looper. Great on Electric Guitar, Ukulele or any acoustic instrument including a pickup.

The Duet Stereo Looper was designed in the USA by Design Engineer Ray ���������Heasman, instrumental in the design of the very popular Pigtronix®���������Infinity Looper and the Pigtronix® Echolution 2.  The new Verse/Chorus works beautifully with the Undo/Redo mode and has ���������excellent low frequency response.



• Xvive DUET Stereo DualLoop

• Looper with two modes: Undo/Redo and Verse/Chorus 
• Stereo 44 kHz 24bit audio, voiced for an analog sound
• High dynamic range inputs and outputs for loud instruments, three times line level

• Capable of interfacing with both instruments and line level equipment

• Flat frequency response down to 10 Hz for bass instruments

• True bypass

• USB port, for firmware updates and future updates and upgrades


Verse/Chorus Mode:

• Two seriesmode separate loops to record to, each with a maximum length of 5 minutes

• Each loop can be recorded, overdubbed, or played separately

Undo/Redo Mode:
• One 5 minute loop that allows undo and redo

• Capable of RecordPlayOverdub,and also RecordOverdubPlay for ambient loops

• Requires 9 to 12 Volt input, center pin negative.